Chinese Paintings During The Song Dynasty

Chinese Paintings During The Song Dynasty

Famous Song Dynasty Paintings

von: Tom Geng

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The Song Dynasty (960-1279) was divided into two stages: the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty. Song Dynasty painting entered the ranks of handicraft industry and commerce, and established a closer relationship with more people. A group of skilled professional painters have sold their works as commodities in the market. There are already professional shops selling books and pictures. The calligraphy and painting market has been prosperous and developed. The calligraphy and painting works in this period also have the characteristics of the times.

With flowers and birds as the theme, this book mainly contains the famous flowers and birds paintings of Song Dynasty. Each of them is a masterpiece and handed down from generation to generation. It is worth watching and collecting.

Reader comments

I like the paintings of Song Dynasty very much. Their paintings are so beautiful. Every painting and calligraphy of Song Dynasty collected in this book is worth watching carefully. I like this book very much.

I'm very interested in Chinese culture, especially the culture of Song Dynasty. This book is very characteristic. It includes the paintings of flowers and birds in Song Dynasty. It is very professional and interesting.

The paintings in this book are so beautiful. I have never seen such paintings. They are really different.

It's hard to imagine. I can't believe it. Was it really painted by people thousands of years ago? What they painted was so beautiful.

I like Chinese culture very much. This book is very helpful for me to understand Chinese culture. If you are also interested in Chinese culture, I suggest you also read this book.

The painting style of this book is different from what I read before. I think it may be a unique painting in China. This book is really a unique experience for me.

If you are interested in oriental culture, you must read this book. The oriental culture here does not only refer to China. I think the painting style of the whole East has been influenced by China. Through this book, you can have a better understanding of the whole oriental culture.
——Liu Qingdong
Chinese painting is a form of painting on silk or paper with a brush dipped in water, ink and color. It forms its own system in the world art field. The tools and materials include brush, ink, Chinese painting pigment, Xuan paper, silk, etc. the themes can be divided into characters, landscapes, flowers and birds.

Chinese painting has a unique form of artistic expression. In terms of content and artistic creation, it reflects the artist's understanding of nature, society and related politics, philosophy, religion, morality, literature and art.

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