Country Days

Country Days

von: Alice Taylor

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Verlag: Brandon
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Veröffentl.: 01.08.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781847176035
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Memoir from the bestselling author of To School Through the Fields who has been described by The Observer as 'Ireland's Laurie Lee...a chronicler of fading village life and rural rituals who sells and sells'.
In this collection she takes her readers along the byways of Ireland and into the heart of the country. In stories by turn comic and poignant, she explores the character of family and friends, testing the bonds of concern and kindness which hold people together.
Alice Taylor lives in the village of Innishannon in County Cork, in a house

attached to the local supermarket and post office. To School Through the Fields

was published in May 1988. It was an immediate success, launching Alice on a

series of signing sessions, talks and readings the length and breadth of the

country, becoming the biggest selling book ever published in Ireland.
Alice's readership has grown in the last three years with her latest publications: And Time Stood Still (9781847173324), The Gift of a Garden (9781847175816), and Do You Remember? (9781847176844).

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