Electroceramic-Based MEMS

Electroceramic-Based MEMS

Fabrication-Technology and Applications
Electronic Materials: Science & Technology, Band 9

von: Nava Setter

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Verlag: Springer
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Veröffentl.: 30.03.2006
ISBN/EAN: 9780387233192
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Applications and Devices.- MEMS-Based Thin Film and Resonant Chemical Sensors.- Microactuators Based on Thin Films.- Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers and Acoustic Sensors Based on Piezoelectric Thin Films.- Thick-Film Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive Devices.- Micromachined Infrared Detectors Based on Pyroelectric Thin Films.- RF Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators and Filters.- High Frequency Tuneable Devices Based on Thin Ferroelectric Films.- MEMS for Optical Functionality.- Materials, Fabrication-Technology, and Functionality.- Ceramic Thick Films for MEMS.- Thin Film Piezoelectrics for MEMS.- Science and Technology of High Dielectric Constant Thin Films and Materials Integration for Application to High Frequency Devices.- Permittivity, Tunability and Loss in Ferroelectrics for Reconfigurable High Frequency Electronics.- Microfabrication of Piezoelectric MEMS.- Non-Conventional Micro- and Nanopatterning Techniques for Electroceramics.- Low-Cost Patterning of Ceramic Thin Films.
The book is focused on the use of functional oxide and nitride films to enlarge the application range of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), including micro-sensors, micro-actuators, transducers, and electronic components for microwaves and optical communications systems. Applications, emerging applications, fabrication technology and functioning issues are presented and discussed. The book covers the following topics:
Part A: Applications and devices with electroceramic-based MEMS:
Chemical microsensors
Microactuators based on thin films
Micromachined ultrasonic transducers
Thick-film piezoelectric and magnetostrictive devices
Pyroelectric microsystems
RF bulk acoustic wave resonators and filters
High frequency tunable devices
MEMS for optical functionality
Part B: Materials, fabrication technology, and functionality:
Ceramic thick films for MEMS
Piezoelectric thin films for MEMS
Materials and technology in thin films for tunable high frequency devices
Permittivity, tunability and loss in ferroelectrics for reconfigurable high frequency electronics
Microfabrication of piezoelectric MEMS
Nano patterning methods for electroceramics
Soft lithography emerging techniques
The book is addressed to engineers, scientists and researchers of various disciplines, device engineers, materials engineers, chemists, physicists and microtechnologists who are working and/or interested in this fast growing and highly promising field.
The publication of this book follows a Special Issue on electroceramic-based MEMS that was published in the Journal of Electroceramics at the beginning of 2004. The ten invited papers of that special issue were adapted by the authors into chapters of the present book and five additional chapters were added.
There are a number of excellent books and handbooks on state of art MEMS technology and applications but there is no book yet (and very few book chapters) on MEMS with functional ceramic films. This is an emerging field and captures much interest but only few groups have mastered the subject to a deep extent

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